The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh has asserted that the federal government will not withdraw its policy on yam exportation following reports that some tubers recently exported to Britain were rejected.

The minister, giving comments in Abuja during a sensitisation walk to commemorate this year’s World Food Day, said Nigeria will not be discouraged by the setback and that the policy has come to stay.

Audu Ogbeh noted that the policy was formulated to attract foreign revenue and that the current world market for yams is valued at $12 billion. He added that the rejection of exported yams was not peculiar to Nigeria and that Ghana had recorded similar experiences.

“I read some news report about some yams arriving in Britain and being rejected. They stayed so long en route and if they stay that long, they are bound to rot. It happens to yams from Ghana as well. We will not stop the policy of the exportation of yam. I can assure you that,” the minister said.

“It is a policy that will stay because we are the largest producers of yam in the world. We produce 67 per cent of the yams. We will continue to help exporters. We will not as an institute export yams. We only support the private sector to do that and if there are problems, we will solve them,” he added.