Animal production is a very lucrative enterprise in agriculture. However, the major challenge is formulation of feed  which accounts for 60-70 percent of the total cost of production. Many farmers had abandoned this enterprise owing to this challenge as they lack the basic principles and knowledge of self feeds formulation. Thus, they could not break even due to high cost of commercial feeds. Even many are discouraged to go into this enterprise just because of lack or inadequate knowledge about the correct ingredients or raw materials, ratio, and the quantity of crude protein needed for a balanced feed. Although this challenge is long overdue, the good news is that the awaited solution is here.

AgroNigeria presents ADVANCE FEED FORMULATION SOFTWARE to all animal farmers irrespective of their region. This software is indigenous and easy to operate unlike other software.

Also, it can formulate, analyse ALL types of animal feeds such as pigs, chicken, turkey, dog, cattle, grasscutters, rabbits, sheep among others.

Furthermore, it has unlimited data base for adding ingredients and additives that may not be in the system by default.

In addition, a complete user guide for self feeds formulation for various types of animal will be sent to buyers.

And many other benefits like crude protein calculation, ratio determination.

What are you waiting for! You can get your copy now! You can contact us on 08033321575 or  07031086141.