With the aim of the present administration to drive the re-positioning of agriculture as an avenue for job and wealth creation, as well as re-orientate its general perception as a developmental program, the maiden edition of the Nigerian Agriculture Awards (NAA), recently held to serve as a mechanism for identification and recognition of the particularly outstanding contributions of certain stakeholders.

One of the award recipients in appreciation of his conferment as the Nagropreneur of the Year – in recognition of the distinctive marks he had made as a young person actively engaged in the sector, Mr. Adeniyi Adenuga of Tepebo Farms, commented that agriculture was more than just a business, but rather, a responsibility to the younger generation to ensure food security by getting productively involved in the sector.

Speaking further, the NAA 2014 – Nagropreneur, acknowledged the key role of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s members of staff, his parents and the almighty for providing the needed support and foundation towards the actualization of his aspiration as a key agricultural stakeholder.

In his words, ‘‘I also want to thank the staff of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for their committed effort in contacting me during the farmers’ sensitization exercise which they conducted in my village because that facilitated my journey to my present position.”