Over the weekend, Dansa Foods Ltd., re-assured the Company’s customers, vendors as well as its entire stakeholders of stability in the business of the company despite last week’s interim court order restraining Dansa from operating its accounts with several banks.

Speaking on the issue, Mohammed Shittu Jubril, Company Secretary and Legal Adviser of Dansa Foods Ltd, described the court order as a temporary setback while underscoring that the its team of lawyers had taken appropriate measures to register Dansa’s dissatisfaction with the action filed by the bank and the order made.

According to Jubril, “we are surprised that the bank has sought this path despite the fact that our relationship with them has been quite cordial and the company has demonstrated good faith with regards to this transaction”. He however expressed optimism that good sense will prevail in the matter and that the parties will soon sit down to chart a course for amicable resolution in a manner that will be mutually beneficial to all concerned.

In shedding light on the nature of an ‘interim injunction’ in particular regard to the Federal High Court, consummate lawyer and Editor-In-Chief of All Federation Weekly Law Report, Taiwo Kupolati Esq. noted that “this particular injunctive order is expressly specified in the Federal High Court (Civil Procedure) Rules, to have a 14 day lifespan.

Speaking with AgroNigeria on the Court’s rationale for adopting such a standpoint, the legal research Icon noted that in its wisdom, the Court set out to safeguard businesses from the uncomplimentary propensities of persons who may seek to deploy orders obtained through the adjudicatory system as a tool of harassment. “This injunction will naturally go into effluxion after 14 days and I am certain that the company will have an opportunity to lay bare before the court its own facts regarding the relationship” Kupolati concluded.