The Federal Government has expressed readiness to team up with stakeholders in order to develop effective policies that will promote food sufficiency in the country.

This was disclosed by the Director in charge of Planning and Policy at the Ministry of Agriculture, Awul Maidabino, during a joint steering committee meeting of the ministry in Abuja.

Maidabino stressed that the ministry is saddled with the responsibility of working with major stakeholders to develop effective policies that would create a conducive environment for better private sector participation in the agricultural sector. He added that a meeting has been scheduled with officials of the ministry and with local and international organizations under the joint sector review committee, to discuss agriculture promotion policies.

The meeting provided a platform for stakeholders in the sector to assess the performance levels of the government, as well as assist in drafting sector policies and priorities.

Meanwhile, the President of the Nigerian Women Agro Allied Farmers Association, Lizzy Igbine, and an official representing the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme of the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID), Baye Sylvester, underscored the importance of effective policies to agricultural development, which they believe will transform the sector.

They noted that though Nigeria has a huge agricultural potential and possessed some of the richest natural resources for agricultural production in the world, the country is not a major player in the global market.

However, the government plans to improve its activity in the agriculture sector through a policy thrust that looks at diversifying the economy.