The European Commission (EU) has proposed a set of new rules to modernise and harmonise the production and marketing chain for fruit propagating material and fruit plants, a statement on its website shows.
The law which applies as of 1, January 2017, provide for a harmonised certification scheme that reflects the approach of a majority of EU Member States and the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO).
”The harmonised certification scheme sets out minimum requirements concerning the health, identity, quality, and suitability of fruit propagating material and plants intended for production of fruit trees and fruits. This will provide a level playing field for producers and clear and transparent information for buyers” it reads
The statement reveals that the new the fruit sector represents 5.9 % of the total output value of the European agricultural industry.
”Additional harmonised rules for the registration of plant varieties along with the publication of an EU register of varieties of fruit plants will improve traceability and promote the dissemination of information regarding the varieties that are placed on the market.” it added
The new rules will stimulate EU’s single market in this sector, strengthen the export of high quality products, and allow the consumers to make informed choices.