Chi Farms Limited and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have partnered to contribute to food security and small holder farmer empowerment in Nigeria.

The Executive Director of Chi Farms limited, Martin Middernacht expressed that by growing the Nigerian aquaculture industry, the project will make a significant difference for food security in Nigeria.

In line with the United States government’s Feed the Future initiative, Chi Farms will engage small holder farmers to become successful catfish farmers. Chi Farms will assure supply of quality feed and quality catfish juveniles to the farmers by enhancing its feed milling and hatching capacities.

According to Middernacht, “We are delighted that USAID has decided to support the proposed initiative of Chi Farms. At the same time, it is at the core of what we do at Chi Farms, we are convinced that working with out-growers is a step in the right direction towards sustainable economic development”

He added that the training will also incorporate over 6,000 soy and maize farmers who will trained be closely integrated in the supply chain of the fish feed mill.

The project will contribute to food security in Nigeria by adding over 4,000 metric tonnes of catfish to local markets in Nigeria every year. The positive impact on smallholder farmers across the maize, soybean and aquaculture sectors will create a consequent impact across the geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

Representing USAID, Mr. Ronald Oroh expressed that they were happy to work with Chi Farms towards food security in Nigeria.

Chi Farms Ltd. is a leading company in the poultry, cattle, catfish, feed milling and food processing business in Nigeria. It is a subsidiary of Tropical General Investment (TGI) Group, the holding and investing company of Chi Ltd., WACOT Ltd., Cormart Ltd. and others.

Feed the Future is the U.S. government’s global hunger and food security initiative. USAID is an independent U.S Government agency with the goal of promoting economic growth and advancement in agriculture and food security, development and humanitarian support around the world. USAID works in 100 developing countries across the globe in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin American, the Caribbean, Europe and Eurasia. It provides aid through partnerships with companies and other organisations in the country of choice.